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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs 30It was the middle of a long hot summer, and I was done with the first summer
semester. I noticed a few new summer students in the dorm, and one in
particular. He was about 6'2 and over 300 pounds, and blond. He seemed
quiet and shy. I said hi to him in the halls and the cafeteria. I started
chatting with him at lunch one day, and asked what he was going to do for
the weekend. He said he didn't have any plans. I told him I didn't either
and was going to try to get a bit of a tan on the back lawn. He seemed
surprised that I would "uncover" myself in public. I told him that at some
point, I need to just do what I want and not worry about what other people
think. I invited him to join me. He was hesitant. I knew that it was
because he was a serious chub, and was inhibited about his appearance. I
told him with me out there, no one would look at him, and he laughed and
said he would come. I was lolitas nymphets ls magazine
glad, because part of the reason I invited him
was so I could get a good look at his chest. We met out on the lawn at
1:30. I spread out a blanket, and took off my shirt, so I was just wearing
gym shorts. He sat on the blanket but kept a tee shirt on. I was wearing
sunglasses so he couldn't see that I was checking him out. I told him to
take his shirt off and relax, so he hesitatingly took off his shirt. I
devoured him with my eyes. I wanted to suck his tits right there. He lay
down beside me and I passed the sunscreen lotion. We laughed and made jokes
all afternoon. After a while, we put on our shirts and went upstairs. I
invited him over my room and he came in with me.I told him he shouldn't be so shy, he has a really nice body and shouldn't
be ashamed of it. He thanked me but said he lolita model free photo
knew that he didn't have a nice
body. I asked him if he ever had anyone feel his chest sensuously. He
started to tremble and said no. I told him if he would let me, I'd love to
massage his chest and make him feel good. He laughed nervously, and asked
if I was kidding. I assured him I wasn't. I told him no one had to know..
it would just be between us. I took off my shirt, and he did too. I had
him lie on my bed, and I gently caressed his chest with my fingertips,
circling his nipples and the light blond hair that surrounded them. He
moaned in delight as I explored his chest. I had him lift his arms and I
ran my fingertips along his hairy armpits. His eyes were closed and he was
moaning. I leaned in and gently sucked his large dark nipples. He moaned
in ecstasy, and I noticed his hard cock was pressing against his gym
shorts. I ran my hand along his hard cock as I continued to suck his
nipples. He said if I didn't stop, he would cum. I asked him if he would
like me to suck his cock. He asked if I was serious, and I said yes, that I
would love to suck him. He nodded and I pulled down his shorts with his
briefs and took a deep whiff of his sweaty briefs. I was about to suck him
when he asked me to take off my shorts and i did, and lay in a 69 position
with him. As I sucked his 5.5 inch cock and played with his balls, he ran
his fingers through my pubes and started stroking my cock. I love a guy
stroking my cock hard as I suck him. I sucked him harder and faster, while
I took in the scent of his sweaty crotch. He started thrusting in my mouth
harder and faster. He said he was going to cum and tried to babez lolita model 7yr pull out. I
held him tight, lolita model free photo
and pulled him into me, as I felt his cock throb and shoot a
large hot load in my mouth. I savored it and swallowed it. lolita model free photo He kept
stroking me and I shot my load on the bed. I told him how hot I thought he
was and he still didn't buy it. . As we lay there talking, he kept playing with my tits. I asked him if he
had ever had sex with a guy before, and he said he had never had sex with
anyone before. I told him I thought he was very sexy and that I would do
whatever he wanted if he wanted to keep having sex with me. We were laying
side by side, and playing with each other's bodies, and I asked if he would
like to fuck me. His eyes got big, and he asked when?. I said whenever he
wanted. He said how about now? I said sure. I lay on my back and he got
on top of me, cock to cock. He started sucking my tits and then kissing
me. His cock was hard. I got some lube and lubed his underage lolitas sun bbs
cock. Then I pulled
my legs up on my chest, and told him to slide his cock into me. He
positioned his cock at my hole, and slid into me in one quick motion. He
moaned loudly, as did I. I played with his tits as he moved in and out of
me. He kept saying how good it felt to be inside me. I clamped my ass down
on his hard cock. He thrust harder and faster as he fucked me, and leaned
in and tongue kissed me as he slid his cock in and out of me. He was
thrusting as hard as he could, and shot his second load deep in my ass.
When he was done, he pulled out of me and watched as I sucked his cock
clean. I told him I loved him fucking me, and he came by again after dinner
and fucked me again. We made love many times over that second summer
semester, and I watched as he grew in self confidence and his self image
improved. The last weekend he was there, he slept in my room and fucked me
over and over. Then he was gone. Summer was almost over, and Keith would be
coming back for the fall semester.
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